When required or faced with a tricky to locate water leak, tracer gas leak detection is the go-to leak detection technique. Our tracer gas leak detection service can identify issues before they become bigger problems that cause significant damage to your home or business.

Protect your property with a tracer gas leak test

If your water rates have been rising without any physical tell-tale signs of a leak, our tracer gas leak test can help find the culprit. Gas tracing works by adding a hydrogen and nitrogen gas mix into your water lines and using our specialist equipment to detect the gas and identify the leak source — no matter how small or remote the leak is.

If you suspect you have a concealed leak, call Find Leak Detection immediately so you can prevent more damage occurring to your lawn, garden beds, retaining walls, driveway and building structures. Our professional tracer gas leak detection service will identify leaks wherever they are on your property, so you can act quickly to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Stop leaks at the source with Find Leak Detection

Looking to stop unnecessary damage to your property? Our technicians serve locations across South East Queensland and will detect issues before they become a major plumbing problem. With competitive rates and professional service, there is no better time to book one of our services today. For more information, review our FAQs or contact us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tracer Gas Leak Detection work?

We add a non-toxic, non-explosive gas into your water mains via a hose tap or water outlet. Using our tracer gas pipe leak detector — the Variotec VT460 gas tracer — we can pinpoint where the gas is released and signal where there is a water leak so you can remedy the issue.

What is tracer gas leak detection used for?

Our tracer gas leak detection service detects tricky to locate water leaks across your property, including your garden, concreted areas and other open spaces. We don’t use it to detect water leaks in your pool, basement or subterranean substrata.

What is used in tracer gas for leak detection?

Our tracer gas leak test uses a safe, non-toxic, non-explosive blend of hydrogen and nitrogen gases.

What is the best leak detection equipment?

At Find Leak Detection, our technicians use the Variotec VT460 gas tracer. Tremendously sensitive, our trace gas pipe leak detector can identify gas as small as 1 PPM. No matter how small, we can quickly detect water leaks and help you avoid a plumbing disaster.