Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a leak or burst pipe?

The first indication is usually one of two and hopefully can be identified before it causes too much damage to your home. Clear indications are usually:

  • Visual water damage
  • High water bill
  • Water meter observation

If you have encountered either of these two items, don’t delay! Pick up the phone today and call Find Leak Detection and let us save your home and your money before it’s too late.

How can I prevent leaking pipes?

Leaking pipes are often an emergency and cause considerable cost and heartache to you as the owner. Whilst many homeowners carry out maintenance on a regular basis, leaks can go undetected and cause considerable damage. Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, leak detection services are necessary to prevent and protect your assets. We always recommend proactive/routine plumbing maintenance to help catch any early signs of possible undetected leaks.

How do you find a water leak?

Leak detection, in its basic form, is by way of dye testing, pressure testing, visual inspection, mini cameras, acoustic detection and tracer gas detection. Our job is rarely an easy one but we help by being an all-in-one solution.

What if you can’t find a leak?

Our job is to work until we find a solution. It’s quite rare that our leak detection team would come back without an explanation for your leak problem. Our job is a tough one sometimes and we are your last resort in many cases. We aim to go above and beyond with our communication, keeping you up to date every step of the way, ensuring all questions are answered so you know exactly what is going on.

How much do water leak detection services cost?

Industry-wide leak detection base rates will range from $250-$600 and this all depends upon the time on site and the difficulty and scale of the leak detection required. The tougher the leak, the higher the cost. We are upfront with our rates and costs of services, feel free to call our friendly team at Find Leak Detection for more information.

I think I have a leak, but I’m not sure?

You can use your water meter to see if you’re using water. Best and easiest way to do this is note down your water meter reading number, wait patiently for an hour without using any appliances or household fixtures and then go back to your meter and see if the numbers are different. If the reading has changed, you may have a leak. From here we will be able to come and identify/locate the leak with a variety of detection processes.

How fast can I get a leak service?

We always aim to be a prompt as we possibly can as we understand that water is a precious resource. However, sometime within 7-14 days are pretty standard unless you have an emergency situation.