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Do You Have a Concealed Water Leak?

It’s easy to miss concealed leaks in your home or commercial property. However, there are some signs – including:

  • Increased water bill
  • Your water metre is still spinning even though all water outlets are off
  • Random patches of green grass
  • Water runoff from storm water pipes (When it’s not raining)
  • Damp or dark patches on walls or ceilings
  • Wet carpets or lifted flooring 
  • Hissing or running water sounds in the walls
  • Swollen skirting boards or gyprock walls
  • Bubbling paint
  • Musty damp smells

If any of these signs are familiar, it’s time to contact your local underground water leak detection experts. Give us a call at (07) 3287 1553 and a member of our team will be sent out to inspect your property for concealed leaks. 

Importance of Fixing Leaks Fast 

It’s important to detect and fix concealed leaks immediately to prevent any further damage and avoid sky-high water bills! It’s also important to ensure your home or commercial property is safe for everyone. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems:

  • Mould and mildew can be a hazard to health
  • Contamination of important possessions 
  • Damage to walls and floors 
  • Extensive structural impairment and expensive repairs
  • Remodelling after water damage will cause disruption
  • erosion of foundations around building structures 

For these reasons, we recommend addressing the water leak issue right away and calling our team to come and find the problem before it escalates . We work quickly and efficiently so your property becomes safe again. 

Underground water leak detection involves searching for water leaks in areas of your home or commercial property where there are no visible signs of damage. Concealed leakages can cause extensive damage to your property and your wallet if left undetected for a long time

Our certified technicians are on call to ensure no delays in identifying possible water leaks to help prevent costly damage. Our technicians are fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters with years of experience in the domestic and commercial industries. We know what we are looking for and how to find your leaks quickly and efficiently with minimal destruction. 

Underground leak detection in multi-residential and large building complexes 

At Find Leak Detection, our AWR200 with acoustic equipment is the primary method to find leaks in commercial sites and unit complexes — it’s a tried-and-tested method of locating leaks efficiently.

The AWR200’s method is a fast to set up, easy to work with and most cost-effective way for underground leak detection services for commercial and residential sites. Its improved accuracy allows for more prompt detection over more traditional methods of leak detection,  and less invasive damage to occur while trying to find the leak — which altogether can minimise repairs and cleanup costs. 

Here’s how the AWR200 method works:

  1. Air slugs are added into a live water service, feeding the slugs towards the leak. 
  2. When the air slug reaches the leak, The unit makes a distinct change in operation to alert our technician. The air slugs are comparable to underwater bubble noises, evolving to a spitting sound the closer it gets to the leak.
  3. Once our technician notices the change, he adjusts the air flow and consistency to accurately track the direction of the leak using our Sewerin Aquaphon A200. We also may then drill holes in the ground to use our probe to accurately detect the location of the leak. 
  4. When we’ve confirmed the leak’s location, we’ll mark that with a crayon or paint to allow the plumber to attend to and repair it.

Our AWR200 in conjunction with the Aquaphon A200 is top-notch equipment, allowing us to block out surrounding noise and concentrate on the air slugs moving through the pipe to accurately locate the leak. Trust in Find Leak Detection and contact us today!

Detect concealed water leaks faster with Find Leak Detection

At Find Leak Detection, our specialised equipment detects all types of concealed water leaks, no matter how small or big. We use various methods and underground water leak detectors, such as a borescope camera and/or pressure testing of in-wall pipes. Our trained technicians will conduct an initial investigation. If they find a leak, we will provide you with a report detailing our findings so that you can present this to your plumber, who will decide on the best way to proceed to repair the water leak.

For peace of mind, contact Find Leak Detection today for expert underground water leak detection services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Also check our FAQs to find answers to commonly asked leak detection questions.

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How It Works

Step 1: Contact Us

Call us at (07) 3287 1553 and we’ll send a water leak technician out to you immediately. 

Step 2: Underground Water Leak Detection

We use state-of-the-art AWR200 & sewerin acoustic & tracer gas equipment to find the leak in a fast, cost-effective way. We may need to drill holes in the ground to probe to find the exact underground water leak location.

Step 3: Leak Repair

Once we find the leak, we mark it so your allocated plumber can fix it quickly and securely so you don’t have to worry about it in the future. 


How do you tell if you have a hidden leak?

If you suspect your home or property may have a hidden or underground leak, there are several signs to look out for. You can check the following for underground water leak detection:

  • Water meter continuing to increase or spin despite all taps, toilets etc. switched off 
  • An increase in your water bill, as this could indicate a leak somewhere in your home.
  • Any wet areas, corrosion or building movement, Hissing or running noise through walls, swollen skirting boards, bubbling paint, musty smells, swollen gyprock walls, wet carpets or efflorescence in concrete.

How long can a water leak go undetected?

This depends on various factors, like the location of the leak. If the leak is obvious and in an easily accessible area, such as under a sink or toilet, it could be detected within hours or days. Unfortunately, most leaks can go undetected for sometime because the source of the leak is concealed. In the case of hidden leaks, it is best to know the signs and look out for them. If your home or property shows any signs, it is best to call a leak detection specialist as soon as possible to prevent major damage occurring and a costly bill.

What are the signs of a pipe having a concealed leak?

There are many signs to look out for with concealed water leaks. Some of the signs include water pooling on the floor at the base of walls or outside, mould of the walls, wet concrete driveway and soggy or wet grass areas just to name a few. A dripping sound can also be another indication that there might be a leak. The best way to determine if you have a concealed leak is to check if your water meter continues to tick over even if all the taps are turned off and no one in the house is using water.

Why is it important to fix a concealed water leak as quickly as possible?

Aside from wasting hundreds of gallons of water each day, concealed water leaks can cause significant damage to your home and can lead to several problems, including:

  • Mould and mildew growth which can be a health risk
  • Structural damage to your home
  • Increased water bills

If you suspect a concealed water leak, it is crucial to have it repaired immediately. Find Leak Detection can help pinpoint the underground water leak location so you can have it  repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home. Read our FAQs to learn more about our services and how we can help you with underground water leak detection.

What do you do if you have a hidden water leak?

If you think a pipe may be leaking, the best thing to do is to call a professional water leak detection expert from Find Leak Detection to come and take a look. They will be able to determine if your property does have a concealed leak and recommend a preferred plumber who can repair it.

Why Choose Find Leak Detection?

How Much Does It Cost to Detect a Leak?

The final cost of finding your underground leak will depend on the underground water leak location, the number of leaks and the size and complexity of the leak. Upon initial inspection by our dedicated leak technician, we’ll be able to give you a detailed estimate of the cost with no hidden fees or surprises.

Our Service Guarantee

We understand the stress and uncertainty water leaks can cause. Our water leak technicians are highly qualified and are committed to executing the highest standards of service. 

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