Acoustic water leak detection

If you’ve got a leak somewhere on your property, it’s important to find it and get it fixed as soon as possible. Some leak detection techniques can actually be quite destructive to your property — ideally, you don’t want to have to tear open a wall or gut a kitchen to find where the problem is!

This is where acoustic leak detection can be an ideal solution. A relatively non-invasive technique, acoustic water leak detection allows our expert team at Find Leak Detection to listen for signs of irregular water flow and identify where a leak is most likely occurring.

Best of all, we don’t have to do it by ear alone! When there’s a leak on your property, it actually emits a high-frequency noise that differs in sound from normal water flow. By using the correct equipment, in most cases the location of these leaks can be identified without needing to undertake unnecessary disruptive (and potentially fruitless) work on your property.

For acoustic water leak detection, we use the Australian-made Global Leak Detection AWR200 system, which helps us to accurately trace pipe lines and pinpoint leaks. By using an air/water mix straight from our sophisticated air compressor system we can detect leaks as small as 133 millilitres per minute (8 litres per hour). The benefits of this system is there are no hidden costs or tracer gas surcharges with this proven method of acoustic leak detection, allowing us to provide fast and easy service at an affordable price.

So whether you have a small leak on your domestic property or a big leak at your commercial property, don’t lose any more water — get in touch with the team at Find Leak Detection today.

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