Are you looking to locate hidden wall leaks in the least invasive way possible?

We can help you with the use of our German made TroTech Borescope!

Why use a borescope for leak detection?

The benefits of using a borescope in required applications are that we are more likely to locate the leak without the need for extensive invasive work. Generally speaking, we can cut or access an area to the wall or void as small as a 10c coin and can travel upto 1m into that space and have a 360 degree angle view. This could save time and money when it comes to repair work or reinstatement of walls or building structures and takes a lot of the guesswork out of leak detection.

How can we help you with our leak detection experience?

With us at your service for leak detection, you not only get a highly experienced leak detector, but also a qualified plumber with the resources of specialized equipment that is not commonly compared to our competitors.

What makes our Trotech VSC3008 Borocope special?

Our borescope is an optical instrument designed to assist visual inspection of narrow, difficult-to-reach cavities, consisting of a flexible tungsten tube with an eyepiece or display on one end, an objective lens or camera on the other, linked together by a fiber optic cable that can be controlled remotely. It has amazingly clear picture quality and a powerful LED light.

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