Our water leak detection specialists can help you!

Are you trying to provide your client with excellent service but are stuck with a hard-to-detect water or gas leak? As fellow tradespeople, we know you want to provide your customers with the best services. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line leak detection technology and equipment such as Australian-made Sewerin A200 and Global Leak Solutions AWR200 to pinpoint even the remotest leaks. Our services include:

  • Commercial leak detection
  • Borescope camera inspections
  • CCTV drainage camera inspections
  • Thermal camera inspections
  • Acoustic leak detection
  • Gas tracer leak detection

From locating leaks as small as 10L per hour to water and power line location, our goal is to pinpoint the problem with the greatest accuracy possible.

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The level of service we provide is at your discretion

Trust that our leak detection specialists can provide the assistance you need without interfering with your relationship with customers and clients. Your success is our success — which is why we offer discounted rates for experts in the trade!

You remain the lead plumber on the project, so our service level is at your discretion. With our assistance, you can enjoy the benefits of this technology and solve your clients’ most pressing plumbing problems — getting it right the first time, every time.

We’re passionate about the plumbing community and supporting fellow plumbers. We also want to ensure clients receive the best service possible — whether they are our clients or yours.

How do our services for plumbers work?

Depending on the level of leak detection assistance that you choose, our leak detection specialists can:

  • Locate the leak
  • Find and expose the leak
  • Find, expose and repair the leak

No matter which location you’re in, be it Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands or the Gold Coast, our team of leak detection specialists are here to support you and help you provide your clients with excellent service. Trust us to help you solve your toughest leak detection problems so you can get your clients’ plumbing systems back up and running smoothly.

Call us today if you’re looking for reliable and affordable leak detection services in South East Queensland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you assist plumbers in finding the source of a leak?

Find Leak Detection provides services that assist plumbers with locating the source of a leak quickly and more efficiently for their clients — such as acoustic leak detection and CCTV drain camera inspections to name a few. This not only saves time and effort but also helps with minimising damage to client’s properties.

How accurate is your leak detection?

Leak detection has come a long way in the past few decades and modern technology is now more accurate than ever. We can now take advantage of sophisticated equipment, such as acoustic leak detectors, Tracer gas equipment, electronic line tracing, acoustic line tracing, thermal imaging, moisture readers and high quality borescope cameras.

How long does your leak detection assistance take?

The time it takes our leak detection specialist to detect a leak can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the plumbing system.

Generally, hand or machine excavation can take hours to identify where a leak is coming from if you get it right. Thanks to training and our leak detection tools and technologies, our leak detection specialists now have much more comprehensive resources for locating leaks quickly and accurately before plumbers fix them.