We are professional Leak Detection experts in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and the Gold Coast, trusted by the best plumbers.

Find Leak Detection have helped countless residents and businesses to maintain safe, efficient water distribution with professional leak detection services.

Our team of water leak technicians utilise the latest in leak detection technology and expertise to pinpoint even the quietest, most remote leaks with non-invasive methods used whenever possible.

Most leaks are hidden and often go unnoticed, if undetected can result in costly repair bills. With the services delivered by our team, you can relax knowing that your property is completely leak-free. Destruction is minimized to locate leaks thanks to our state of the art detection equipment.

Having a leak in your home isn’t just inconvenient, it can also cost you a lot of money in property repairs and water bills. These are obviously scenarios worth avoiding at all costs. The difficulty with water leak detection is that you rarely know there is a leak until the damage is done, but you can minimise both the physical and financial damage using Find Leak Detections leak detection services as soon as you suspect a leak.

Our Service Guarantee

Find Leak Detection offers a Family operator service so you know you’ll get the best service every time.

We understand the importance of a job well done at the right price. You’ll never pay too much and we guarantee our repair work with 12 months warranty.

With years of experience in the plumbing and leak detection industry, we love finding and fixing water leaks, and we are good at it.

Professional Plumbers

With years of plumbing experience in all aspects of the plumbing industry, we don’t just do leak detection work. We understand how a buildings plumbing works and how it is constructed. This gives us the edge when it comes to locating leaks as we are aware of the styles and standards of plumbing that has been carried out since the early 1900s to now. Throughout the years different techniques and materials have been used.

You can trust us to understand your building’s characteristics.

Important Community Resource, Every Drop Counts

Find Leak Detection is proud to make a difference to our customers. We pride ourselves on working closely with local authorities and water conservation companies In Brisbane and Gold Coast QLD. With Find Leak Detection’s support, these programs have saved hundreds of thousands of litres a day in communities across Brisbane and Gold Coast. Find Leak Detection uses Australian designed and patented revolutionary water leak detection systems that locates water leaks on properties just like yours.

Let us show you our technologies and systems today.