If something is leaking, follow the water and you will find the culprit, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some water leaks can stay undetected behind walls or concealed under a concrete slab and require a leak detection specialist to locate the leak. Without the right equipment your leaking pipes can get a lot worse.

At Find Leak Detection, our leak detection Ipswich experts understand how important it is to locate a leak fast. We specialise in water leak detection, underground services and pipe location in Ipswich and the surrounding areas of south east Queensland for both residential and commercial properties. Our highly skilled technicians combine their knowledge with a range of technologies, such as; thermal imaging, acoustic detection, gas tracer equipment, locators, moisture detectors, cameras and more, to locate leaks and services fast to minimise both the physical and financial damage

Why Choose Us

With years of experience in all aspects of the plumbing industry not just locating leaks, our leak detection Ipswich specialists understand how a buildings’ plumbing works and how it is constructed. This gives our leak detection Ipswich experts the edge when it comes to pinpointing leaks as we have vast knowledge of the different styles and standards of plumbing that has been carried out throughout the years.

At Find Leak Detection, we also understand the importance of a job well done at an affordable price. Once a leak is detected we can refer you to one of our licensed and preferred plumbers/repairers that can assist you professionally and quickly with your leaks.

Signs of a water leak

It is not always obvious that you may have a water leak until the problem is quite advanced. If you are experiencing any of the following signs it may indicate you have a water leak in your property.

  • A damp or musty smell present in rooms
  • Mould on the walls or ceilings
  • The sound of dripping or running water
  • Water pooling on the floor at the base of walls or outside
  • Discolouration or stains on plaster
  • Wet concrete driveway
  • Water running off through a retaining wall or hill
  • Abnormal green patch in grass
  • Soggy or wet dirt/ grass areas
  • Increasing water bills although habits have remained the same

If you notice any of the above issues, get in contact with your local Ipswich leak detection experts immediately.

Contact us for water leak detection in Ipswich

Whether you’re located in Ipswich, Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast or Redlands, get in touch with us today, and we’ll send one of our expert leak technicians straight to your door to assess the issue in no time. You can call us on (07) 3287 1553 to get started or fill out our online enquiries form.


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