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If you are a property owner in South East Queensland, you need to always keep your finger on the pulse when dealing with plumbing issues. These are among the most costly and potentially damaging issues that you can deal with in your household. There are specialised plumbers available who can help you with bathroom leak detection, diagnosis, maintenance, and repair work.

The plumbing business reflects a $17 billion market in Australia. This means you will have no problem hiring a credible plumber that can assist you when you need help with one of the most prevalent plumbing issues — a leaking bathroom.

These are the telltale causes that you should know about when you’re dealing with bathroom leak issues.

Issues With Waterproofing

Waterproofing defects can also cause bathroom leaks in your household such as water leaking under bathroom floor tiles. When there is not a tight seal to the shower base or plumbing fixture water will naturally leak away to the lowest point. You need to be sure that your plumbing is installed by a qualified plumber. 

Problems With Pressure

You may also deal with bathroom leaks when your water pressure is low . Low water pressure of the sound of running water within walls may indicate a burst or leaking pipe within a wall or under ground. 

Get your water pressure checked by a professional to make sure that the pressure holds tight and is leak free. If you’re having pressure problems, checking for underground leaks might behove you. This may involve special instruments that can get to the root of the issue.

Leaking Toilets

Australian water consumption has been on the rise and is showing no sign of slowing down. These numbers consistently go up when a homeowner’s toilet is running or dripping, causing water to be wasted

Leaking toilets can cause a bathroom leak. Toilet leaks can sometimes be hidden and invisible to the naked eye. Close coupled, back to wall and in wall toilet suites have hidden plumbing that can’t be inspected without removal of the suites or inspecting with cameras. We can detect these leaks with the use of our borescope camera, thermal imaging cameras and years of experirnance.  

Diagnose Your Bathroom Leak Issues

These issues will help you out when you have a bathroom leak in your household. The next thing you must do is find the help of a plumbing pro that can assist you with bathroom leaks and repairs.

Find Leak Detection is the company that you need to turn to when you’re looking for help throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Send us a message on our site, or call 07 3287 1553.