There are visible leaks where water is coming out but there are also hidden leaks that are out of sight. These hidden leaks can go undetected for quite some time and can cause significant structural damage to your house or commercial property. Even the tiniest pinhole leak can damage your building structures and cause a flow on effect to a major plumbing disaster. That is why if you suspect you have a leak you need to hire a professional and experienced leak detection Beenleigh expert that can locate you leak fast!

Our water leak detection Beenleigh specialists understand that locating a hidden leak is time sensitive. Our leak detection team utilises the latest technology, state-of-the-art detection equipment, knowledge and expertise to pinpoint even the quietest leaks using non-invasive methods whenever possible. We offer a wide range of leak detection Beenleigh services at affordable prices. These include:

  • Concealed leak detection 
  • Wet area or bathroom leak detection
  • Acoustic leak detection
  • Gas tracer leak detection 
  • Borescope camera inspections 
  • CCTV drain camera inspections
  • Thermal camera inspections 
  • LPG and natural gas detection 
  • Pipeline locating 
  • Commercial leak detection 
  • Underground asset and service locating 

At Find Leak Detection, our Beenleigh leak detection experts acknowledge the importance of a job well done. Once our specialists have located the concealed leak we can refer you to one of our licensed and preferred plumbers that can assist you with the repairs. 

How to detect a leak at home

If you suspect you have a hidden water leak in your home or business there are a few things you can do to check if your suspicions are correct.

  1. Check your water meter – Turn off all your taps and fixtures and make sure no one uses water. Note down the number on your water meter dial, then come back in 30 mins and note it down again. If the meter dial has increased you most likely have a water leak.
  2. Check taps and fixtures for leaks – Leaking toilets and taps can be a common reason for an increase in water usage. Check to see if your toilet has water constantly running in the bowl and if your taps are dripping. If you do have a tap or toilet leak, it is recommended to have these fixed before leak detection work is carried out.
  3. Review your water bill – An increase in your water bill can also signal a potential leak in your property. Review the last 3 months of your billing cycle to the previous 3 months. But don’t forget to take into account filling up pools or having guests over to stay.
  4. Do you have water pooling or mould/mildew growing – Check in and around your property for water pooling on the floor at the base of walls or if you have a wet driveway. Mould on the walls or ceilings is also another indicator of a possible hidden leak.

For more information on how to check if you have a water leak at home, read our helpful blog article “How to check for hidden water leaks at home”. If you are experiencing any of the above tell tale leak signs, we recommend getting in contact with your local Beenleigh leak detection experts immediately.

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